‘Let’s localize and slow down our life a bit.’ It becomes my motto a few weeks ago after I’ve moved back to Mae Chan for almost 6 months. It’s the fact that I’ve just found and I should do it for long time ago, sometimes people drive their life too fast and furious (sound like a movie, yeah it is). For myself, I lived in a big city like Bangkok for almost 20 years, it totally turned me to a city girl, even I originally from countryside. Now, I’d like to make a big change, learn how to be with silence, bird sound, winds, trees and especially my parent. I have done pretty good job so far and I can see how beautiful countryside life is, how tough but not hard our life should be and I feel I want my friends to experience it too, that’s why TongPun project begins. I’d like to tell my friends and my guests to start ‘localizing and slowing down their paths’ and you’ll see the beauty of slow life, only you open your mind and challenge yourself to be out of box, out of city, out of tourist traps…to outskirt of Chiang Rai, Mae Chan.

See you soon…

Localize & Slow down your journey
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