TongPun Escape Hostel is my first real home, my mom & her mother used to live here, now it’s my turn. I keep asking myself for 2 years to relocate myself from Bangkok and go back to my little hometown and start my own business, a tiny one. In January 2015, I moved back to Mae Chan, Chiang Rai and started drawing what places exactly I would like to live in and share some spaces to my friends, it took me for awhile because I didn’t have any knowledge in architecture and design. My big condition is combining our old woods and teak to some new materials to make it look nice and modern in limited budget. I and my parent sacrifice ourselves to make this place since then, we’ve done pretty good jobs so far. You’d better come and check out our homemade craft.

‘TongPun’ is a combination of my grandmother’s names, Tongfu (my dad’s mom) & Pun (my mom’s mama). Tong or Thong means gold, Pun means sharing, so it likes I’m sharing my golden space to welcome all guests.

Firstly, my pride of ‘TongPun’ is hiring only local craft men, labours including my family to build and renovate this place. Secondly, I use la-lang grasses to be our rooftop of our guest cottage. It’s an old hill tribe style that no one makes it anymore, 6 hill tribe men & 2 local women made them for me. I’d say all old people in the village loves my new home so much, it reminds them their old houses when they were really young. La-lang grasses create good smell after raining. When you stay inside our guest’s dormitory, don’t forget to look up to the roof, you’ll see our amazing craft works.

TongPun is located in Mae Chan, Chiang Rai, 25 km. from Chiang Rai airport and only 5-minute walking from Mae Chan District Office and a police station. It’s close to a city main street which turn to be a walking street every Friday, you can find local & exotic food ingredients from mountain people and yummy cheap street food. Especially our town is really well-known for ‘rice’ (both white & brown), come and try this ‘original’ taste.

I know we’re in a middle of nowhere. It’s my purpose to make it more well-known, lively and become ‘somewhere in someone’s memory’. This home changes my life a lot, slow it down and give me more time to listen to silence, bird, wind and those tree&garden. It’s the time to share my peace to others now.

Localize your trip by TongPun,

All best & See you soon

Meo Boontamcharoen


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